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inet6 consult brings insight into ISP networking practices to the enterprise. Read more on the about page.

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New e-book: Internet Routing with BGP

I wrote a new book about the Border Gateway Protocol: Internet Routing with BGP. It's available as an e-book from Apple and Amazon or as a site license from this web site. More information and links.


inet6 consult can provide quick answers on any of the topics below, or work with you to create or update a network architecture, write a report or an implementation plan, as well as execute implementation/migration plans and provide training.


For more and more organizations their connection to the internet has become a critical business asset that needs better reliability than what a single connection to a single service provider can achieve. However, "multihoming" to two or more service providers means participating in world wide routing with the BGP protocol yourself.


A possible next step is bypassing service providers altogether and directly connecting to other networks, usually by connecting to an internet exchange and "peering" with other connected networks. Technically, this is very similar to connecting to ISPs, but the non-technical aspects are very different—it's essential to understand the business of peering to achieve good results.


And more

Other topics: BGP tuning, IPv6 numbering plans, internet standards and the internet standardization (IETF) process, the Regional Internet Registries such as the RIPE NCC and ARIN.

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